What is Really Included with a Furnace Tune-Up?

What is Really Included with a Furnace Tune-Up?

Furnace or heating system tune-ups are one of the most crucial assistance that almost every homeowner relies on to keep their heating unit in a healthy working condition. A regular furnace tune-up can have several advantages, ranging from extending its lifespan to avoiding damage. Tune-ups also allow the device to maintain its required efficiency. According to most HVAC experts, you must perform furnace tune-up every six months to keep count of the furnace’s degradation.

What are the measures involved in a furnace tune-up?
A furnace tune-up usually includes a wide range of services that helps keep your furnace in an accurate condition. Hence when you call up experts for your heating system to get the following services –

  1. Quality control
    The initial step is to perform a thorough examination of all of the heating system’s components. It also applies to appliances that are more obscure or difficult to reach. If you choose to hire an expert HVAC technician, they will examine the following

    • The pressure in the belts of the fans of your heating unit
    • Voltage and power measurements
    • Dirt and damage to the burners get inspected.
    • Thermostat gamma correction of a furnace
    • Connections to oil or natural gas lines get examined.
    • Experts make sure the pressure gradient is at a safe level.
    • Professionals ensure that the heat exchanger is in good working order.

  2. Thorough furnace evaluation
    This is the step where every element of your heating system gets inspected, and if any part shows signs of malfunction, the professionals repair or replace them. The components that turn on while the program is operating are usually involved in this step. During this phase, technicians will complete the following tasks –

    • Electrical combustion or a test pilot.
    • Carbon monoxide emissions will get measured.
    • Examine the exhaust pipe for proper air release.
    • System controls get tested to ensure that they are working accurately.

  3. Furnace cleaning and lubrication
    Cleaning out any elements is the next step, which requires the assistance of a technician. Components such as ducts or ventilation systems are susceptible to becoming hindered over time, resulting in inefficient heating. This is why HVAC technicians clean and lubricate all the vital components crucial to keeping your furnace in working condition. In this step, the technicians will perform the following steps –

    • Lubricate all the rotating machines and other moving elements.
    • Readjusting the fan belt’s tautness.
    • Replace or clean the air filters of your heating system.
    • Cleaning or replacing the heater due to rusting and deterioration.
    • Clean both the interiors and exteriors of the furnace.
    • If the condensate drain is clogged with mould or debris, clean it out.

To sum up, we can say that regular tune-ups will keep your furnace running like new. When the furnace is tuned up regularly, you would not have to fret about furnace breakdowns at inopportune moments. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC company for your furnace replacement, repair or tune-up, Lana’s Air Service can be your perfect partner. Our expert technicians can help you with all your furnace-related issues and likewise assist you in saving a lot of money. To book our affordable HVAC assistance, feel free to call us anytime at (941)-303-2961.