AC Replacement In North Port, FL

AC Replacement In North Port, Venice, Port Charlotte, FL and Surrounding Areas

AC Replacement In North Port, Venice, Port Charlotte, FL and Surrounding AreasNorth Port, Port Charlotte, and Venice, FL are great places to live. Located on the western coast of Florida, they offer sandy beaches, big-city amenities, and plenty of sunshine. Contact Us Today for AC Replacement In North Port, Venice, Port Charlotte, FL and Surrounding Areas.

They can also get really hot during the summer. Of course, ocean breezes help to cool things down a little; but they’re still no substitute for an indoor air conditioning system, especially during those 90-degree days in July. 

But what if you need to replace your existing unit? If you live in North Port, Port Charlotte, Venice, or any of the surrounding areas, then you can reach out to Lana’s Air Service for all of your A/C replacement needs. Our skills and experience will ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for you — guaranteed!

Why You May Need an A/C Replacement

Some homeowners decide to replace their old A/C units because they are no longer energy efficient. Others want to have a newer, more eco-friendly model installed. And still other homeowners have units that are breaking down more and more frequently, and they’re tired of paying those repair bills to get them fixed.

Whatever your reasons may be, we can help you make the replacement process an unqualified success. At Lana’s Air Service, we can help you select a new model that will fit your needs and preferences. We’ll carefully and conscientiously remove the old unit from your home, and inspect any existing ductwork for rips or tears. (If needed, we’ll replace the ductwork as well.) Then we’ll install the new system promptly and efficiently, test it thoroughly, and leave you with a brand-new unit that will last for years to come.

If you live in North Port, Port Charlotte, or Venice, FL and need an A/C replacement, don’t delay! Reach out to us at Lana’s Air Service today.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Q-1 How do I know my air conditioner needs replacement?

Air conditioners have a lifespan of 15 years if maintained regularly. However, an air conditioner may require replacement if it shows any of the following symptoms – 

  • If the air conditioner requires repairs every one or two months.
  • If the air conditioner steadily increases its electricity consumption, i.e., the electricity bill has doubled over the past year.
  • If the air conditioner’s problems aren’t being solved even after multiple technician visits.
  • If the air conditioner uses the discontinued F-22 refrigerant.

It is also recommended that the air conditioner be replaced after 12 years.

Q-2 Is it possible to replace only the outdoor unit?

Yes, it is possible to replace only the outdoor unit and not the indoor unit. However, this results in a mismatched system. Both units will have different efficiency and working methods. Since both units will have made using different manufacturing standards, they may not work in synchronization. This can lead to further problems and expenses.  Therefore, it is recommended to replace both the indoor and the outdoor unit at the same time. The resulting system will have higher efficiency. It will also have a valid warranty that can be used.

Q-3 Will a new conditioner system save me money?

Yes, new air conditioner systems bought from any contractor that provides AC replacement services in New Port will help reduce the expenses on an HVAC system. A new replacement will reduce charges for repairs. New air conditioner systems have valid warranties that cover most of the maintenance and repair charges. Thereby reducing the upfront cost that needs to be paid when calling a technician for service. New air conditioners also don’t have any problems in the first few years. Therefore, the cost of repairs is further reduced. 

Q-4 How do I know which size of AC unit I need?

Deciding the size of the unit is the most crucial aspect of buying a new air conditioner. Customers who search for air conditioner replacement near me opt to call technicians for this service. 

A technician inspects the following aspects of a home before providing any judgment – 

  • The size of the home
  • The number of rooms
  • The condition of any existing ductwork
  • Energy requirements of the client

All the above pointers play a major role in deciding which air conditioner size is ideal for any home. Without the right size, a home may be under or overcooled.

Q-5 The air my air conditioner is blowing out is too cold? Is that a problem?

Air conditioners work in sync with smart thermostats or normal thermostats. Air conditioning installation companies often synchronize the two units to ensure maximum efficiency.  If the air conditioner is blowing out too cold air or too hot air, the unit is no longer synchronizing with the thermostat. This can be solved by recalibrating the thermostat entirely.  However, if this doesn’t work, there is a deeper problem with the AC requiring a technician.