Types Of Heating Systems You Can Choose From

Types Of Heating Systems You Can Choose From

Whether you have an aging system in desperate need of replacement or installing the very first AC in your home, several factors are involved in the decision. You will have to consider the size of the home, the brand, price, and more. However, the most important consideration involves the type of heating system you are willing to invest in. You can either choose to make this decision yourself or search for an ‘HVAC specialist near me’ and trust their decision.

The 6 Most Common Heating Systems
If you choose to make this decision yourself, you can consider the features and benefits that the following six systems have to offer you –

  1. Forced air distribution systems
    These are a staple in most homes where the system is powered using natural gas. The air that is heated is forced through a network of ducts to heat a home. The network of ducts can also prove useful during the summer as the AC can distribute cool air through this same network.

  2. Heat pump
    Heat pumps differ from traditional furnaces as they can provide cooling as well as heating. These systems use a refrigerant and electricity to transfer heat. Therefore, in most cases, that ‘HVAC specialist near me’ that homeowners contact suggests a heat pump.

  3. Hybrid heating
    This is an especially interesting heating system option since it combines heat pumps and a gas furnace. This system has the efficiency of a heat pump but the power of a gas furnace. Therefore, you will be equipped to face extreme temperatures at an affordable price.

  4. Radiation distribution system
    Commonly known as boilers, these systems use the steam obtained from hot water to provide heating through pipes that travel through the house. This system makes it possible to choose which parts of the home you desire heating in; it can be expensive to install it.

  5. Ductless mini-splits
    These heating systems are much more convenient in that they do not require ducts. The Mini-split aspect that these systems possess allows you to create zones in your home with a higher temperature than other areas. In addition to this, ductless HVAC services in North Port are significantly cheaper than other systems.

  6. Baseboard heaters
    This heating system cannot function independently as it is usually used in conjunction with another heating system to provide warmth to larger areas. All HVAC companies recommend installing this type of heating system if you want to provide supplemental heating to your home. If you opt for this type of system, you will have to also decide between an electric and hydronic heating system.

When you are making this decision, it is advisable to weigh out the pros and cons that all the systems have to offer. In addition to this, you can also get a final opinion from trusted HVAC technicians like the employees available at Lana’s Air service. Call 941-303-2961 for a consultation or to receive ductless HVAC service in North Port today.