Ductless HVAC Guide: Mini-Split Systems Benefits, Options, And More

Ductless HVAC Guide: Mini-Split Systems Benefits, Options, And More

The traditional way of heating the house is by using a central HVAC system. But, mini-splits, which are also known as ductless mini-splits, are a more convenient way to do it.

The Working of a Ductless Mini-Split System

Ductless mini-split systems have a lot in common with central HVAC systems. They come with indoor and outdoor units and can function for heating and cooling. The only difference is that mini-split systems don’t have ducts, which is why it is more convenient. Homeowners who do not like extra add-ons with their already existing heating systems like to use ductless mini-splits. Whether it is a commercial building with such official precautionary requirements or a small apartment that does not offer extended ductworks, mini-splits are a great alternative!

Components of a Mini-Split System

The mini-split systems have three major parts:

  • Fan: The fan is responsible for pushing all the air through the condenser, allowing the system to maintain a stable temperature while pushing the heat energy out.
  • Compressor: Compressors are expensive and the most important part of a mini-split system. It works to convert low-pressure gases into high-pressure ones so that the transfer of heat can occur effectively.
  • Condenser: A condenser or condensing coil has an aluminum body to cycle hot refrigerant. The high-pressure gas present inside it is slowly converted into liquid when it passes through the condensing coil.

Types of Mini-Split Systems with Various Benefits

  • Single-zone ductless mini-split system: Well suited for bedrooms, studio apartments, and smaller rooms, a single-zone ductless mini-split system serves the purpose in specific areas only. For example, you can install one in your children’s room, or if you tend to use only one part of the house most of the time and are trying to cut electricity costs. Having a central heating and cooling unit is not advantageous to homeowners who don’t often stay home. A single zone mini split is the best option for them.
  • Multizone ductless mini-split system: Commonly seen in a business setting or official environment, multi-zone units almost act like central heating and cooling systems. With the allocation of at least two room areas and a maximum of four, it is perfect for your small business organization. Families often install a multi-zone ductless system then they want personalized cooling settings throughout the house without the hassle of cleaning a duct and maintaining it. However, it is not recommended to put on a high-level setting for all the rooms at once. This reduces the efficiency of your system over time.

Do You Need a Ductless Mini-Split System for Your House?

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