5 Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Air Conditioning Unit

5 Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Air Conditioning Unit

It might be an overwhelming decision to take in deciding whether to replace your air conditioner unit or to simply repair it. Your trusted ac replacement services north port may help you decide what you need to do. However, these five tips will help you make your decision.

  1. Consider the age of your air conditioning system!
    The average life span of any air conditioning unit, irrespective of its model, design, and brand is 15 to 20 years. In areas where the geographical conditions are hot, you need to use your air conditioner throughout the year, the life span gets shorter.

    In these warm areas, the life span is approximately reduced to 10 years which is 10 – 12 years for every air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner is anywhere in between the estimated end years, then it might be time for you to contact an air conditioner replacement near me.

  2. How much do the repairs cost?
    If you want to repair your air conditioning unit, consider how much these repairs cost. Are they as simple as cleaning a clogged component or did the entire outdoor unit need to be repaired? If your aircon is also damaged, then you might need not just one but several repairs to get your air conditioning unit working.If these are the damages to your air conditioner, then they will cost you huge amounts. A thumb rule in deciding whether to replace or repair your air conditioner is to replace the whole unit if the repair costs exceed or reach half the price of purchasing a new unit.

  3. Your air conditioning unit maintenance
    Are you properly maintaining your air conditioning unit/ Did you get your unit service twice a year? Without these maintenance checkups, the underlying problems may not be detected and will result in severe deeper damage that will cost you a lot to repair. Additionally, you need to clean your air filters and ducts regularly. If you are doing all these and maintaining your device properly, repairs may be the best option. Otherwise, contact air conditioner replacement near me as simple repair won’t be a good solution.

  4. SEER Rating of your device
    If you have an old system whose SEEr rating is below the average, get it replaced immediately. Air conditioners with a low seer rating will use a lot of power to function and have less efficiency.Even maintenance checkups can’t do much in keeping the device working optimally if the SEER rating is below 14.

  5. Freon

    The use of freon or refrigerant R22/HCFC-22 has stopped since the beginning of 2020. Many air conditioning units that were manufactured decades ago still run on freon. If your air conditioner is using freon, it is better to replace it because AC units now run on Puron or R410A which is better for our environment.

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